8.–12. 11. 2021
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Soutěž - Comparison of the release of large-scale components and fragments of auxiliary equipment of V1 NPP

9. 11. 2021 14:20
Přednáška Radiační ochrana v jaderně-palivovém cyklu, havarijní připravenost Radiační ochrana v jaderně-palivovém cyklu, havarijní připravenost


Matej Forgáč (Jacobs Slovakia s.r.o., Piešťanská 3, 917 01 Trnava)


The paper is devoted to the release of materials from dismantling activities during the decommissioning of NPP V1 (VVER-440). The focus is on monitoring the process of fragmentation of auxiliary equipment. Output materials are measured for surface contamination. According to the limit values, a decision is made on storage, decontamination, or direct release into the environment. A special category of ancillary equipment is large components that are not often used during power plant operation. These devices often consist of detachable sections. An example is the so-called Concrete container, consisting of three segments weighing more than 200 tons together. Due to the low usability in operation (during pressure vessel inspections), the total surface contamination probably meets the limits for release into the environment. However, as the measuring devices of the decommissioning process are not able to process materials that are not fragmented in the defined packaging files (load capacity max. 1 ton), it is necessary to fragment the sections of the concrete container to the required parameters. An alternative solution is to measure surface contamination on the entire surface of the device manually using hand-held instruments at a radiation-appropriate location. Released large-scale component can be demolished outside the KP by conventional methods not subject to radiation protection rules.
Result of this paper is comparison of secondary waste production (fragmentation tools) when releasing to environment two sections of Concrete container without fragmentation and dismantling third section inside area with radiation protection rules.

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Hlavní autor

Matej Forgáč (Jacobs Slovakia s.r.o., Piešťanská 3, 917 01 Trnava)


Branislav Vrban (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Institute of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, Ilkovičova 3, 812 19 Bratislava) Vladimír Nečas (ÚJFI FEI STU, Bratislava)

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