19.–23. 9. 2022
Hotel Academia Stará Lesná
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Egypt Participation in IRPA Activities

22. 9. 2022 13:20
Kongresová miestnosť (Hotel Academia Stará Lesná)

Kongresová miestnosť

Hotel Academia Stará Lesná

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Mohamed Gomaa (EGYPT IRPA)


Egypt joins IRPA in 1992. Egypt participated in IRPA 2020/2022 Congress and previous ones. Furthermore, EGYPT was a member of YSA review committee . Egypt contributed in IRPA BULLETINS. Egypt participation in all AFRIRPA activities, organized AFRIRPA 02 and participating in AFRIRPA06 CONGRRSS. –
Personnel response to IRPA Guidelines documents including those dealing with Public engagements,, culture and radiation protection certifications are recommended to be distributed to junior Radiation Protection staff,
Regard Personnel thoughts about Current and future of radiation protection. Currently, publications of ICRP and IAEA are in use used to update latest Egypt regulations. For future ones and Following the scientific contributions by Radiation Protection experts of IRPA , ICRP , IAEA and others in laying down new foundations for the future of radiation protection . From my point of view a simple recommendations and requirements are recommended. In which reflection of the latest findings of UNSCEAR Sources and effects publications is included.

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Mohamed Gomaa (EGYPT IRPA)

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